Travel to Örnsköldsvik

The Örnsköldsvik area, some 100 km south of Umeå, in northern Sweden is the home of biorefinery-oriented industrial companies and institutes and include Domsjö Fabriker, SEKAB, Nouryon and MoRe Research.

Travelling to Örnsköldsvik can be done by train to Örnsköldsvik Central or by air to Örnsköldsvik Airport. Tickets are booked at the operators. Train operator is SJ, Swedish Rail,  and flight operators are BRA Airways and Air Leap.

It is also possible to fly to and from Umeå Airport to which SAS, Norwegian, Finnair, Air Baltic and BRA Airways are operating. Please note that Umeå Airport is about 100 km North of Örnsköldsvik and that one needs to take the airportbus or taxi to Umeå Östra station and then train to Örnsköldsvik.