Keynote speakers 2024

Tomas Rosen Keynote speaker Cellulosa Workshop 2024

Tomas Rosén, Researcher at the Department of Fibre and Polymer Technology at KTH

Title: Exploring the nanoscopic world of cellulose materials and material processes using synchrotron X-rays

Tomas Rosén is a researcher at the Department of Fibre and Polymer Technology at KTH. He received his Ph.D. in fluid mechanics in 2016 where he studied the dynamics of nonspherical macro- and nanoparticles in fluid flows related to the production of biobased materials. After being awarded the Alf de Ruvo scholarship from SCA in 2016, He continued as a postdoctoral researcher at the Chemistry Department, Stony Brook University, USA, focusing on experimental in situ characterization of flowing cellulose nanomaterials using synchrotron X-ray scattering and rheo-optical techniques. Since 2019, he has been a researcher at KTH and Treesearch, continuing his work on advanced characterization of nanomaterial processes, and recently received a starting grant from the Swedish Research Council (VR).

In this talk, he will go through the basics of X-ray scattering and imaging techniques at synchrotron radiation facilities and how they can be used to understand the structure of cellulose materials as well as dynamics during material processes from atomic scale up to millimeters. He will put an extra emphasis on how to use digital twins for interpretation of experimental data, which has been used both to understand the internal structure of cellulose nanofibers, as well as their interactions in assembly processes.

“In all, I look forward to an exciting Cellulose Workshop 2024, and to interact with some of the leading experts on cellulose materials. I hope myself that my talk can inspire both academic and industrial researchers in using advanced characterization tools for the development of new biobased materials”

Markus Nuopponen Kenynote Cellulose Workshop 2024

Markus Nuopponen, R&D Manager in Group R&D, Metsä Spring

Title: Metsä Spring – Kuura ™ textile fiber from paper-grade pulp

Markus Nuopponen earned his PhD from University of Helsinki in polymer chemistry in 2008. He has extensive experience in developing new cellulosic materials, both related to the production of such materials, as well as their applications. Prior to joining Metsä Spring he worked as a Senior Expert developing cellulosic man-made textile fibres at Infinited Fiber Company. Before that, he has held various research and management positions in UPM’s innovation projects, especially with cellulose nanofibers. In his current position, he focuses on Kuura textile fiber project.

Metsä Spring is Metsä Group’s innovation company to develop new business opportunities related to wood-based value chains, which involves both investing worldwide in promising startups as well as implementing own pilot/demo projects. Moreover, we lead the group-level R&D work that supports the development of Metsä Group’s current business area. MetsäSpring is developing a new method and demonstrating the feasibility of a new environmentally-friendly concept, in which softwood pulp is converted into a novel Kuura ™ textile fibre (a lyocell-type staple fibre). The textile fibre has been researched and developed at the Äänekoski demo plant next to the bioproduct mill since 2020. The goal of Metsä Spring’s Kuura project is to develop a competitive concept that will enable Metsä Group to consider the commercial production of the textile fibre.