Keynote speakers

Professor Björn Lindman. Ph D, Physical Chemistry, 1971; Senior Björn Llecturer (associate professor), Physical Chemistry, 1970-78; Chair professor, Physical Chemistry, Lund Univ. from 1978. Visiting Professorships in Singapore, Sundsvall, Canberra, Yokohama, Tokyo, Coimbra, Kyoto, Campinas, Nanjing, Maribor Paris, Santiago, Chile, Almaty.
Member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences and of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.
650+ publications in journals and books and 5 monographs, 25,000+ citations, h-index 85 (Web of Science)
National and international (UK, USA, Japan, India, Germany, Spain, Portugal, China, Finland…) awards and 4 honorary degrees.

Mattias Jonsson CEO, re:newcell. Mattias has an entrepreneurialMattias Jonsson and management background from the Cleantech, IT, professional services and FMCG sectors. Before assuming CEO positions at Medley and Visma Proceedo, Mattias was CFO at Unilever. Mattias holds an MBA from Stockholm School of Economics.

Innovations in cellulose technology carry the promise of vastly reducing water use, chemical use, plastic pollution and waste in one of the world’s most wasteful industries; fashion. But to get there, we will have to disrupt an established and complex value chain that has developed over a century. How can we bring sustainable cellulose innovation to scale?