Keynote speakers 2021

Pedro Fardim  Professor Chemical                                                Engineering for Health andPedro Fardim png CareBio- & Chemical Systems Technology, Reactor Engineering and Safety (CREaS), Department of Chemical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering Science, KU Leuven

Short Bio                                      Professor at KU Leuven committed to create sustainable technologies to support our planet and human health. President of EPNOE Association, Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry and the International Academy of Wood Science. He has published more than 150 papers and given more than 100 invited talks.  Twitter: @Chemenghealth Web:

Title of keynote:  Cellulose-based functional materials: Challenges, opportunities and future directions


Anna Palme – Specialist in cellulose                                                  technology at Södra InnovationAnna Palme png & Nya Affärer

Short Bio                                                           Anna Palme works as a specialist in cellulose technology at Södra Innovation & Nya Affärer, with a strong focus on their dissolving mass and development projects within OnceMore. Previously received a PhD in textile recycling at Chalmers at Mistra Future Fashion.

Title of keynote: OnceMore by Södra – textile recycling in industrial scale